Our Thoughts

Our Mission is to take amazing Boudoir photos that give you pause, and make you go WOW, I love it!!!  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what size you are. We treat you the same way we treat a model; you receive proper wardrobe and posing guidance. The end result is the stunning you that was always there, just waiting to come out.

boudoir photography

The Experience

Prepare to have a side of you come out you may never thought existed! Together we plan your session, from comfort level to wardrobe and setups. We can work via Pinterest boards to get a good feel for what we want to accomplish in the session.  I recommend you see us at least 1 month in advance of when you need your final product if you want a book.

We break the mold on how a session works.  Rather than limiting you to a short amount of time, and having you wonder.  Can I really get comfortable, and take good photos, in 30 or 60 minutes?  We offer larger blocks of time, knowing that it does take time to get comfortable.  And part of the experience is the fun of the session experience.  We offer guidance and show photos we create as we go.

To get a better idea of my work.  You can also view my wedding photography.

What We Offer

boudoir photography by Sean

Boudoir & Glamour Photography

We are going to have fun!  And you are going to look amazing!  It’s all part of the experience.  Not only do I know how to use light and posing to make you look your best, I also have an awesome studio located in Washington, NJ.


I am partnered with an amazing make-up artist.  Like myself, she works primarily in boudoir and weddings.  She is MAC certified, and can be added to any session.

Boudoir photography by NJ Boudoir Photographer Boudoir by Sean
Boudoir Photography by Boudoir by Sean

Albums, Photo Books & Prints

There is nothing like a physical print or album.  Whether for yourself, or someone special.  We have an a amazing selection of print, photo book and album options for your photos to be printed on!

Privacy & Sharing

We respect your privacy.  We will not share your images without your permission.  We do offer additional retouched images in exchange for you letting us use them.

boudoir Photography by Sean

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